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The National Disability Strategy 2010-2020 is an agreement between all Australian governments (Federal, State and Territory) aimed at implementing disability rights.

A decade has now passed since Australia ratified the United Nations Convention on disability rights (CRPD). As we approach 2020 (and the next iteration of the Strategy), this Volume of the Canberra Disability Review will

  • look at how far we’ve come since 2010 and how far there is to go to achieve the vision for people with disabilities that’s laid out in the CRPD and the National Disability Strategy.
  •        consider what progress has been made for people living in the Canberra region,
  • and contemplate where to from here?

Contributions might explore or reflect on different aspects of: The National Disability Strategy as we approach 2020

Or instead delve into: Future Action – envisaging 2030 and beyond!

Contributors may wish to provide an overview of one of the six broad outcome areas:

1. Inclusive and accessible communities (e.g. Has transport, the built environment, housing design become more accessible for Canberrans with disabilities?)

2. Rights protection, justice and legislation

3. Economic security

4. Personal and community support (this is where NDIS reforms are focused)

5. Learning and skills

6. Health and wellbeing

Contributors may choose to focus more closely on one of the Policy Directions underneath these broad areas (e.g. 3.1 – Increase access to employment opportunities as a key to improving economic security and personal wellbeing for people with disability, their families and carers.)

Contributors may prefer to focus on exploring one (or more) of the Areas for future action listed in the 2010-2020 Strategy, and whether progress has been made in this area and whether it should be prioritised in future intergovernmental agreements and in ACT Government policy and law.

Contributors may even wish to explore the topic creatively through artwork or speculative fiction. In your imagined future Canberra, how would achieving the Strategy outcomes, and the substantial realisation of disability rights, change the city we live in? How would daily life/service systems/technology/attitudes be transformed? What would this vision of society look like, and be like to exist in?

(The six outcome areas and their Policy Directions are listed on this Disability Rights page of our website, and to see theAreas for future action click through to the Summary document on the Department of Social Services Website.)

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