People with Disabilities ACT Inc (PWDACT) is the peak advocacy organisation in the ACT for people with disabilities.

Established in 1982, we are a not for profit collective voice for people with disabilities, run by people with disabilities.

Our Vision

People with disabilities are respected, valued and empowered to reach their full potential both as individuals and as contributing members of society.

Our Mission

PWD ACT represents. promotes and supports the collective interests of people with disabilities. We work to bring about an inclusive society by:

  • Advocating for the removal of all attitudinal, physical and social barriers which prevent people with disabilities from participating fully in community life;
  • Working to improve policies. programs and practices in our society which support people with disabilities to have the best life possible; and
  • Collaborating with other ACT disability advocacy organisations to improve outcomes for people with disabilities.

Our Approach

  • We undertake our work proactively and with passion, vigour and focus;
  • We are positive and provide practical options as part our policy advice;
  • We empower people with disabilities by promoting the highest standards of inclusiveness in our own organisation and in the community; and
  • We develop trust and cooperate with our colleagues in the disability sector to maximise the impact of our collective voice.

Our guiding frameworks are:

  • The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2007)
  • The ACT Discrimination Act 1991
  • The Disability Discrimination Act 1992

Our Work

Our advocacy work includes:

  • Regular consultation with our members to identify current issues and priorities;
  • Projects which:
    • Address identified priorities;
    • Strengthen the capacity of people with disabilities for self advocacy on the issues that affect them;
    • Improve the access of people with disabilities to public places, education, training, employment, transport and to all forms of information tor people with disabilities
  • Policy submissions;
  • Representation and lobbying to all levels of government;
  • Participation in forums and promotional events;
  • Public speaking on disability issues; and
  • Media releases and publications.

Our work with other ACT disability advocacy organisations includes:

  • Regular meetings to share information, discuss common issues, and promote collaborative action on key issues facing people with disabilities;
  • Responding to draft government policies and papers in collaboration with them;
  • Contributing to boards and committees; and
  • Providing feedback, practical suggestions and input on request to other organisations

Within the framework of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2007) the objects of PWD ACT are:

  • To promote the highest standards of inclusion by raising awareness about and advocating for the removal of all barriers which prevent people with disabilities from participating fully in society;
  • To provide an avenue for people with disabilities to express their views to government and to the broader community about collective concerns;
  • To provide input to government policies, programs and procedures on behalf of people with disabilities;
  • To initiate policy and projects which improve the lives of people with disabilities; and
  • To collaborate with other disability organisations to achieve better outcomes for all people with disabilities.