People With Disabilities ACT is holding another Morning Tea on the Third Thursday of the month!

Come along to hear about the activities of PWD ACT, discuss disability issues, and make new connections over coffee, tea and snacks. Register via Eventbrite

At this event we’ll be focusing on the topic of Disability Justice.

Representatives from the ACT Government Justice and Community Safety Directorate and Office for Disability will be joining us to speak about and consult on disability justice issues. 

Under the National Disability Strategy (2010-2020) all Australian governments (Federal, State and Territory) are committed to the following Policy Directions:

2.3 – People with disability have access to justice

2.4 – People with disability to be safe from violence, exploitation and neglect

2.5 – More effective responses from the criminal justice system to people with disability who have complex needs or heightened vulnerabilities

The ACT Government will be seeking the views of people with disability and their supporters, to shed light on their lived experiences tackling legal issues and how improvements could be made to ensure equal treatment before the law and in accessing the justice system.

Share your views on:
1. Do you feel you know your legal rights and could have them respected?
2. What support or assistance do you need when you have a legal problem for example with debts, contact from the police or making a complaint about how you have been treated?
3. How could things be better for you in dealing with legal issues?
4. In what situations do you experience difficulties in having your rights heard?


Email with any questions.