Leaders, lives and debates on disability since 1900

People With Disabilities ACT partnered with the Museum of Australian Democracy (MOAD) to highlight the intersections between disability and democracy as part of our coordination of ACT events for UN International Day of People with Disability on 3 December 2016.

On International Day the Museum held an IDPwD themed tour of Old Parliament House providing an historical journey through key spaces where legislation supporting people with a disability was discussed, debated and decided.

We were also guest bloggers sharing the stories of the leaders, laws, rights and programs formed by and for people with disability within Australian politics since 1900 on the museum website.  We presented two essays:

Only Human – Disability in Australian Politics (Part 1: Human Leaders) http://moadoph.gov.au/blog/only-human-part-1/

Only Human – Disability in Australian Politics (Part 2: Human Rights and Human Laws) http://moadoph.gov.au/blog/only-human-part-2/

As a companion piece we now present some key highlights from statements and parliamentary debates where legislation and other initiatives supporting people with a disability were decided.  We hope this selection of extracts of key discussions from the Hansard and the public record gives you a sense of the debates and the times. This work was ccompiled by Craig Wallace for People with Disabilities ACT with Ellie Downing from the Canberra Institute of Technology.

Disability in Australian poltics-key moments from the public record