On Friday 9 December, People Disability ACT held its Annual General Meeting; new members were elected to the 2016-17 Committee.

Our Committee for 2016-17 includes:

  • President:                    David Luck
  • Vice President:            Terry Millar
  • Treasurer:                    Andrew Geraghty
  • Secretary:                    Cale Woods
  • Committee member:    Sue Carbone
  • Committee member:    Brian Wilson

Prior to the meeting, Chris Steel, who is the newly elected Government Member for Murrumbidgee, spoke with our members.

He spoke about his community sector background in children’s policy and as a Legal Officer for the Australian Federal Police Association.

He mentioned he had been approach to Chair the Social and Community Affairs Committee of the Assembly and if given this task at the first Assembly meeting this coming week, he would like forward to working with PWD ACT.

He answered questions from members on a number of issues including employment and access to the environment.

We thank Chris Steel for taking time to talk with us.