Statement in response to media alert about Wheelchair accessible BBQ’s

People with Disabilities ACT (PWDACT) welcomes the ACT Government’s new wheelchair accessible BBQ at the Cotter.

“We think it’s a great move and Minister Orr is on the right track.” said Rachel Sirr, Executive Officer of PWDACT.

“What we’d like to see happen, is this just being normal. As in, we look forward to a Canberra where there is no need to have an announcement about an accessible BBQ. It should just be the norm to include one.”

PWDACT is hoping this BBQ is the start of many more inclusive outdoor spaces,

so people with disabilities can go anywhere, or do anything that people without a disability can.

“I do wonder why it has taken the ACT Government so long to introduce this – it’s 2019. But I’m glad they have. I look forward to what else they are planning.” said Ms Sirr.

“The ACT Government must build accessibility into all infrastructure and developments. Not just as an afterthought.” she said.

People with Disabilities ACT recently released a position paper on Infrastructure. The paper calls on the government to properly address and fund disability inclusion in terms of future building, planning and infrastructure:

“There’s still so much more to be done to bring Canberra’s infrastructure to becoming truly accessible.”

More information, phone 0410 881 7