18 February 2019

Royal Commission welcome for people with disabilities

People with Disabilities ACT welcomes a dedicated Royal Commission into violence, abuse and neglect against people with disability in institutional and residential settings with Jordan Steele-John set to introduce the Royal Commission bill into Parliament today.

“It’s long overdue, and we welcome the Royal Commission.” said Rachel Sirr, Executive Officer for People with Disabilities ACT.

“We want to know the Government at every level will not blame shift and buck-pass. Abuse must be investigated promptly, and strong and swift penalties enforced for abuse and neglect against people with disabilities.”

Over the past five years, Four Corners and Lateline exposed disturbing evidence of the extensive patterns of violence and abuse experienced by people with disability.

“Care of our most vulnerable citizens must be of the utmost highest standard. It is the Government’s job to make sure this happens.” said Ms Sirr.

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