UN international day of people with disabilities is on Sunday 2 December. 

“This is a day for the 65000 Canberrans with some form of disability to join the rest of the world and be recognised for overcoming challenges and seek greater inclusion in society.” said Rachel Sirr, Executive Officer of People with Disabilities ACT

“People who are blind, deaf, in wheelchairs, on walking frames, or with other physical, intellectual or mental disabilities should be fully included  in every aspect of society. In education, employment, sporting, the arts – in every sphere of life.” 

Only about 10 per cent of the 65,000 Canberrans with disability are supported by the National Disability Insurance Agency. 

“There are still substantial gaps in all sectors for people with disabilities. Government must work together to identify and address these issues and achieve a more inclusive Australian society.”

More information about People with Disabilities ACT and for free individual membership can be found on our website.