Last month the Health, Ageing and Community Services Committee tabled its report from the Inquiry into the employment of people with disabilities. The report included 32 recommendations. During this inquiry, People with Disabilities    ACT made a written submission and Executive Officer Robert Altamore presented evidence at a hearing in May

The report was noted in the Legislative Assembly on 24 August – you can access Hansard to read the comments of Committee Chair Chris Steel MLA and Committee Member Caroline Le Couteur MLA.

The Inquiry is relevant to one of the National Disability Strategy policy directions, to “Increase access to employment opportunities as a key to improving economic security and personal wellbeing for people with disability”.

The inquiry brings together a lot of material relevant to this matter and picks up some key recommendations from our submission including with respect to ACT Assembly Internships, and IT and procurement policies which take account of the needs of people with disabilities.

Our Executive Officer was also featured in a Canberra Times article covering the Report.