September edition: Transport futures PLUS our election edition 

  • Please note the deadline for contributions for the second edition has been extended to COB Friday 16 September 2016

We are keen to publish articles on what we need to develop transport that is accessible and responsive to all Canberrans, including older people and people with a disability.

Transport is a major issue in Canberra – with the launch of Transport for Canberra and the two political parties presenting contrasting visions for addressing the movement of people in our city.

Of course for people with disability, the issues can be more fundamental than a choice between a tram or a bus and can be about the affordability, accessibility and proximity of transport we can use.  Or even getting to the transport in the first place.

We would love to hear from people with disabilities on their visions, ideas, experiences and concerns about transport in our city. We would particularly like to hear about your experiences with wheelchair Taxis and or Canberra Airport. You can just send these to us in a short email.

Some ideas for themes you might explore within articles include:

  • How well does transport serve people with disability in our city?
  • What would a truly integrated transport experience look like?
  • Your personal travel diary – what it’s like to fly, ride, share, bus, commute or use bikepaths in Canberra?
  • Are some of us “shut in” due to a lack of transport options?
  • Why is it so hard to …. (fly, board a bus, book a taxi)?
  • Light rail & rapid buses – accessible visions or the wrong solution?
  • New developments like ridesharing apps and driverless cars
  • The ups and downs of new developments like ridesharing apps and driverless cars
  • Why transport anyway?  Is transport really the whole issue – or do we need more resources close to us and smarter ways of connecting them?

You can also share shorter “vox pops” / comments on your experiences for inclusion.

Word count: 300-1000 words.

Images & logos: high quality if possible (>200dpi) JPEG, EPS, PDF or PSD format.

Distributed: Mid-Late September 2016.

Contact: ph: 02 6286 4223


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Will contributors be paid?

Contributing feature writers with a disability who are published will receive a $50 gift card.  We’re unable to pay people who are contributing within a professional remit.

What if I want to contribute an article to the journal but it’s not related to the theme?

You can still send through your articles by the deadline, and we will either include them, or save them for future editions.

Can I advertise in the journal?

Yes! Prices are as follows:

1/4 page: $100

1/2 page: $200

Full page: $400

Back (colour) – negotiable

We also welcome sponsorship partners.  For more information please contact, ph: 02 6286 4223

Who and how many people does the Review go to?

We email the journal directly to our members, other Disabled Peoples Organisations, MLA’s, ACT Members and Senators, community organisation members and associate members, and community sector officials in ACT Government directorates.

The Review will be published periodically 2-3 times per year.

What if I have an idea for an upcoming theme for the Canberra Disability Review?

Please let us know! We’d love to hear them!