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My Health Record - Staying In or Opting Out

People With Disabilities ACT have produced a resource kit to support people with disabilities to make an informed decision whether to stay in or opt out of My Health Record.

My Health Record is a digital health record for consumers to view and manage important health information. We know that people with disabilities face more challenges in accessing and managing their healthcare information. There are many benefits to a coordinated system for managing health information, but also considerations about access and privacy.

The aim of these resources are to give a summary of the benefits and potential risks of Staying In or Opting Out of having a My Health Record. Any decision should be considered and informed based on a person’s individual circumstances, needs and support network.

The information sheet is designed to start a conversation about the benefits and risks of My Health Record, other important factors in managing the health of the person with disabilities and what things could improve the access and quality of healthcare.

My Health Record Info PDF compatible with screen readers

My Health Record Info – Easy English version

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