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Inquiry into the implementation, performance and governance of the NDIS in the ACT 

The Committee of on Health, Ageing and Community Services in the ACT Legislative Assembly has been inquiring into the implementation, performance and governance of the NDIS.

PWD ACT made a submission to the inquiry. Our submission consists of two documents, the submission itself and a confidential attachment in which information provided by members about their NDIS experience has been collated and combined in a manner which removes identifying personal information.

PWD ACT’s submission was informed by lived experience and consultation with people with disabilities (and carers) and can be read on the Legislative Assembly website

On Tuesday 15 May, PWD ACT gave evidence to the Committee. 

In his presentation, Executive Officer Robert Altamore said that the implementation of the NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme had freed the Government from its role as a provider of day to day services. The ACT Government had established an Office for Disability and should now take the opportunity to increase its activity in this important area of social provision with new initiatives, actions and funding to make its health, education, housing transport and other services accessible to and inclusive of people with disabilities. This was critical to the success of the NDIS.
He gave as an example that a person’s ability to benefit from funding for say participation in a vocational course of study or recreational activity depends upon the person having a place to live, access to health services, transport to and from that activity and that the activity be conducted in an accessible environment.