For People with Disabilities By People with Disabilities


PWD's Committee and Staff

 PWD ACT's Committee Members:

On Wednesday, 7 February 2018, People Disability ACT held its Annual General Meeting; new members were elected to the 2017-18 Committee.


Our Committee for 2017-18 includes:

The Board

  • President:                        David Luck

  • Vice President:                Terry Millar

  • Treasurer:                        Andrew Geraghty

  • Secretary:                        Paul Mugambi

  • Committee member:        Brian Wilson

  • Committee member:        Mary Res

 Our Management Committee meet each month.


PWD ACT Staff:

  • Executive Officer:            Robert Altamore

  • Projects/Policy Officer:    Siobhan Clair
  • Office Administrator:       Maida Kajkic