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Welcome to People With Disabilities ACT

A peak consumer voice for people with disabilities in the ACT

Contribute an article to The Canberra Disability Review: Diversity, The National Disability Strategy

 Contributions are being accepted for two upcoming volumes of The Canberra Disability Review! 

People With Disabilities ACT invite you to send us your articles, vox pops and artwork on the topics of

- disability and diversity
- evaluating and driving progress on the National Disability Strategy (and disability rights) in Canberra, as we approach and look beyond 2020.

You can submit an article, a vox pop*, a short essay or artwork. The journal is a space for both short and longer contributions so there is no specified word count but pieces may be edited.

People with disabilities who have artworks or feature articles published will receive a gift card (where that contribution is made outside of a paid role). We're unable to pay people who are contributing within a paid professional remit.

Please contact Siobhan Clair, if you would like to discuss your planned article/artwork, or pitch an idea.

There are also opportunities for organisations to advertise in the Journal: 

Half page - $200
Full page - $350
Back page - $500

Submission Deadline: 20 June 2018

Images & logos: high quality if possible (>200dpi) JPEG, EPS, PDF or PSD format.

Email the Managing Editor, Siobhan Clair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Phone our office: (02) 6286 4223

Befriend Siobhan on Facebook – Siobhan Pwdact

*A vox pop (short for vox populi, which is latin for “voice of the people”) is a brief quote from members of the public. These were featured in past volumes, particularly in Volume 4 (on health and disability) – and generally de-identified, with names changed. If any aspect of the topic strikes a chord, please email your response, (including thoughts, experiences or perspectives) to Siobhan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We will also be collecting vox pops through social media and through some online surveys, which can be completed anonymously: 

Survey on Diversity, Intersectionality and "the Body"  

Survey on National Disability Strategy progress and the future.  

We also still have online surveys open on the NDIS, accessible housing and transport, plus a Member Questionnaire